The art of giving

Last year I posted a video on what makes a good DJ.
I couldn't really answer that question because I didn't know the answer. A year on and I still don't know what makes a good DJ. My advice was just give it your all because if you give the best and all the effort you can give, then you know you couldn't have done a better job.

It also helps being your own worse critic, as it helps you strive to become better, to learn new things, to be open to advice and also make you think about how you could have done things better, that you question yourself that maybe you didn't give 100% because it just isn't possible to guarantee the perfect wedding. Yet  by pushing to become better you gain the confidence to challenge yourself; bit by bit you grow and take on bigger projects, knowing that you can deliver on that promise and you're not just 'Hustling', You're not 'faking it till you make it'

It really is a great feeling seeing your project/concept coming to life and all falling into place with no hiccoughs but also knowing full well that a year ago there was no way you were capable of producing such work.

Which brings me nicely to this Saturday; A farm in the heart of the Teutoburg region, where 2 years previously I was asked by a Bride and Groom to play music for their wedding reception. This time is was the Groom's sister getting married and I simply asked what their budget was and asked for their trust in me to transform one of their barns into a beautifully lit location.
As usual I had my camera with me but instead of taking pictures I decided to shoot a little bit of video.

It is with the deepest of gratitude to Ester & Jonte that I may share this wonderful evening with you. I feel blessed that they gave me a free rein to invest a little more time for my team and I to create something quite special for them and their guests.  I know absolutely that a year ago I didn't have the experience or confidence to do this and it's only by giving a little more than what is expected at each event I do, that step by step you eventually grow to be able to do bigger and better things.

Bands & DJ = Perfect Combination

I love working with Bands, There are songs that bands can play that just don't have the same effect when a DJ plays them. Plus today there is this certain stigma about a DJ getting on the microphone to interact with the audience. You seem to get the impression that Dj's should let their voice be heard through music. The microphone certainly has it's place for a DJ but if you are going to say something, then it better be worth while. It's one of the reasons I really enjoy working together with bands because like wise the DJ can also animate a crowd in a way that a band can't and when you work in harmony with one another then energy in a room can reach much higher levels than could ever be accomplished just as a single entity.

Here are few pictures from last night's Party where we entertained Mercedes-Benz Bollmeyer as they celebrated their 90th Anniversary at Glück&Seligkeit in Bielefeld.

Shifting Gear

WooDz:Muzik moves up a gear by adding new high-end Lighting fixtures and our very first 'in-House' Laser show.

When your client says they wanted something really special for their guests most vendors will think of fire dancers and firework displays. This has a number of drawbacks in that all the guests have to go outside, in the cold, in the rain. You have to plan for rain here in Germany and hope that mother nature will be kind on the day. 

One way around this is to bring the show inside and as Lights and music are already great companions, creating a light & Laser show is a natural step to move further in that direction.

This weekend was not only special for our wedding couple Kristina & Jan but also for the company. We debuted our new High-end lighting, the ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX and produced our own Lasershow..

Special Thank needs to go to Axel Swakenberg for the Laser Timecoding and once again to Axel Dahms and his team for his continued help in setting up our equipment. All in all this was 6 people and over 40 Hours or work to bring this concept to life.

Our gratitude goes to Kristina & Jan for putting their faith on our company, allowing us to create this special moment for them and all their guests.

Let there be light

WooDz:Muzik adds Philips® Platinum 16R MSD lighting to their light shows.

Since 2009 i've wanted to make a difference in the mobile DJ arena. I could see the potential for Brides & Grooms to invest in something that only a couple of years earlier could only be obtained by the very few with vast amounts of money to spend on their special day.

As other Service providers were still offering theatre Par56 Light-cans from the 80's, we were decorating wedding venues with filtered uplighting and water effects.
In the past few years we've seen the introduction of ambient lighting being offered by other vendors; yet not always realising there is more to light-decoration than meets the eye.

However I'm always looking for the next step to separate WooDz:Muzik from other suppliers by offering new ideas and concepts for my clients who really want to create something unique for their guests. Be it Uplighting, individual motif projections, video displays to laser shows.
The philosophy is based on giving people the chance to invest in something special, something that others may have never seen before. We are only limited by our own creativity and naturally our budget. Yet what just a few years ago would have commanded 5 figure sums for a complete production, can now be achieve with favourable 4 figures thanks to new technologies and reduced production costs.



WooDz:Muzik has had an amazing start to the wedding season for 2016, with already hundreds of happy smiling faces. It's just so wonderful bit a part of such a special point in people's lives and to make sure they have the best time of their lives.

Last Saturday will be held in my heart and mind for as long as I can live. Inga & Patrick are such a joyful couple with big hearts. Their friends and family gave them one of the best starts in their new life together I'd ever seen.

Thank you, thank you for allowing me to share such wonderful moments with you all,
                                                                                                                                            Ante Up!

What is Love (Remix)

For the past few days I've been working on a new track
I hope you like the result.

Emotional Drive

A few weeks Riccardo from Kreativ-Wedding gives me call asking for a little help. He had a piece of music but it needed a little more 'punch'. It seemed a wonderful creative challenge I just needed dive into. After a few idea exchanges, we finally reached our goal.

To The Power of Three

May 7th saw WooDz:Muzik providing musical entertainment at three major wedding locations in Kreis Lippe and Schaumburg. The Burghotel, Blomberg, Schloss Wendlinghausen and Schloss Hammerstein, Apelern. This is a significant step for the company as a growing platform for clients looking for a trust worthy company to meet their needs. I'd like to say thank you to the Burghotel for your continued recommendation of our services, to D2-Showtec for your logistical support. To Michael Harbig and Michelle Christiansen for your excellent DJ skills. Finally a huge bag of gratitude to Sita & Nicolas, Jessica & Jan-Christoph and the Barchetta Club Deutschland for entrusting WooDz:Muzik to deliver on our promise.

Schloss Hammerstein

Schloss Hammerstein

Schloss Hammerstein

Schloss Hammerstein

Schloss Hammerstein

Schloss Hammerstein

Schloss Hammerstein

Schloss Hammerstein

Deep Sessions at M's Club | Detmold

Seid bereit für die neusten House Tracks aus den Tiefen des Musikportals. No David Guetta, No Top 40... This is DEEP SESSIONS!

February 20th sees M's First Deep Sessions with Anthony Woodruffe from WooDz:Muzik.
Expect an eclectic mix of house music uncovered from the depths of the internet.

Looking forward to see you at M's Club | Paulinen Strasse 19, Detmold.

We say goodbye to Ziggy

David Bowie was one of the most prolific artists of the last 40 years. He shaped British music and fashion and has been an inspiration to thousands of artists throughout the globe. From Space oddity, to Heroes. From Ashes to Ashes, China Girl and Let's Dance to Fame, Starman and his highest selling record, Life on mars. He sung with great artists like Freddy Mercury, Mick Jagger and even Bing Crosby.

For me; today is particularly sad for the music industry as whole because as each of my childhood heroes fall, it becomes harder to find such great artists that will inspire generations after them. Sure there are many who have made millions in recent years but their relevance to the music industry seems out of sync to the perceived legendary status they claim to have. If people are not requesting their songs now, then they certainly won't be asking for them to be played by the DJ in 20, or 40 years time.

David Bowie you will be remembered in our hearts and souls.

Enter the Twilight

I've set myself a goal to produce an album this year. Although I set out to produce something different, I ended up somewhere else completely different. Still; I love where I ended up.

2015 Highlights

2015 was a pretty amazing year which saw WooDz:Muzik cover almost the length and breadth of Germany. From Glücksburg to Düsseldorf, from Aurich to Berlin, plus Hanover and Hamburg thrown in for good measure. This can't be done without the help of others and of course I wouldn't be able to continue to create these joyful moments without all the wonderful people I meet throughout the year. I am truly and deeply grateful for all your help and support. There's a few people I'd especially like to mention that for me made 2015 one of the most endearing and enjoyable years, people who give the strength and passion to continue on this pretty amazing journey I'd never envisaged on taking.

I especially would like to thank:
Erin + Holger, Jenny & David, Kathrin & Andreas, Sanja & Peter, Frauke & Ulrich, Michaela & Ben, Britta & Tobias, Sharon & Mateusz, Janina & Ingo, Andrea & Andreas, Melissa & Sascha, Bianca & NIls, Johanna & Sascha and Melanie & Dominik.
Thank you for letting me to be a part of your special day, to help create those moments that I hope will be remembered for years to come. Allowing me to meet new people but more so, to those I met last year and the year before, like Sara & Markus, Ann-Marie & Alexander and Ines & Sebastian.

I couldn't have done this without the support and help from the event industry so to:
The Burghotel in Blomberg, Elaine Kelly from Agentur Traumhochzeit in Osnabrück, Anne & Riccardo from Kreativ-Wedding, The Lippischer Hof in Bad Salzuflen, Britta & Lars from Timecatcher, Andreas and Lena from the Alte Krug in Detmold, Jascha Lampka from Nachtarbeiter, Christian Voss, Isabel Hovell, The Brackweder Hof, LENKWERK and Roman Maiorino Entertainment. Thank you so much for the recommendations, referrals and bookings. I'm truly grateful for kindness and will always endeavour to deliver on my promise to your clients.

In order for all this to happen there is still one person I need to thank. Axel Dahms from D2-Showtec. Axel is the man who arrives first to all our events and is the last to leave. Our companies have been working together for almost 2 years now and they are responsible for setting up all our equipment and bringing it back safely to Bünde. Our partnership has gone from strength to strength, which enables WooDz:Muzik to create some beautiful settings in multiple locations, in different towns even on the same day.

2015 has been an amazing year and people often tell me that I must really love my job. My answer is always that you have to love this job, you can't come to a party in a bad mood and then be able to give everything you have. There really isn't anything else I'd rather do everyday. I hope that with little bit of your help, I may continue to bring joy and happiness to others in the future too.

Thank you - Anthony