We say goodbye to Ziggy

David Bowie was one of the most prolific artists of the last 40 years. He shaped British music and fashion and has been an inspiration to thousands of artists throughout the globe. From Space oddity, to Heroes. From Ashes to Ashes, China Girl and Let's Dance to Fame, Starman and his highest selling record, Life on mars. He sung with great artists like Freddy Mercury, Mick Jagger and even Bing Crosby.

For me; today is particularly sad for the music industry as whole because as each of my childhood heroes fall, it becomes harder to find such great artists that will inspire generations after them. Sure there are many who have made millions in recent years but their relevance to the music industry seems out of sync to the perceived legendary status they claim to have. If people are not requesting their songs now, then they certainly won't be asking for them to be played by the DJ in 20, or 40 years time.

David Bowie you will be remembered in our hearts and souls.