Shifting Gear

WooDz:Muzik moves up a gear by adding new high-end Lighting fixtures and our very first 'in-House' Laser show.

When your client says they wanted something really special for their guests most vendors will think of fire dancers and firework displays. This has a number of drawbacks in that all the guests have to go outside, in the cold, in the rain. You have to plan for rain here in Germany and hope that mother nature will be kind on the day. 

One way around this is to bring the show inside and as Lights and music are already great companions, creating a light & Laser show is a natural step to move further in that direction.

This weekend was not only special for our wedding couple Kristina & Jan but also for the company. We debuted our new High-end lighting, the ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX and produced our own Lasershow..

Special Thank needs to go to Axel Swakenberg for the Laser Timecoding and once again to Axel Dahms and his team for his continued help in setting up our equipment. All in all this was 6 people and over 40 Hours or work to bring this concept to life.

Our gratitude goes to Kristina & Jan for putting their faith on our company, allowing us to create this special moment for them and all their guests.