Let there be light

WooDz:Muzik adds Philips® Platinum 16R MSD lighting to their light shows.

Since 2009 i've wanted to make a difference in the mobile DJ arena. I could see the potential for Brides & Grooms to invest in something that only a couple of years earlier could only be obtained by the very few with vast amounts of money to spend on their special day.

As other Service providers were still offering theatre Par56 Light-cans from the 80's, we were decorating wedding venues with filtered uplighting and water effects.
In the past few years we've seen the introduction of ambient lighting being offered by other vendors; yet not always realising there is more to light-decoration than meets the eye.

However I'm always looking for the next step to separate WooDz:Muzik from other suppliers by offering new ideas and concepts for my clients who really want to create something unique for their guests. Be it Uplighting, individual motif projections, video displays to laser shows.
The philosophy is based on giving people the chance to invest in something special, something that others may have never seen before. We are only limited by our own creativity and naturally our budget. Yet what just a few years ago would have commanded 5 figure sums for a complete production, can now be achieve with favourable 4 figures thanks to new technologies and reduced production costs.