Bands & DJ = Perfect Combination

I love working with Bands, There are songs that bands can play that just don't have the same effect when a DJ plays them. Plus today there is this certain stigma about a DJ getting on the microphone to interact with the audience. You seem to get the impression that Dj's should let their voice be heard through music. The microphone certainly has it's place for a DJ but if you are going to say something, then it better be worth while. It's one of the reasons I really enjoy working together with bands because like wise the DJ can also animate a crowd in a way that a band can't and when you work in harmony with one another then energy in a room can reach much higher levels than could ever be accomplished just as a single entity.

Here are few pictures from last night's Party where we entertained Mercedes-Benz Bollmeyer as they celebrated their 90th Anniversary at Glück&Seligkeit in Bielefeld.