The art of giving

Last year I posted a video on what makes a good DJ.
I couldn't really answer that question because I didn't know the answer. A year on and I still don't know what makes a good DJ. My advice was just give it your all because if you give the best and all the effort you can give, then you know you couldn't have done a better job.

It also helps being your own worse critic, as it helps you strive to become better, to learn new things, to be open to advice and also make you think about how you could have done things better, that you question yourself that maybe you didn't give 100% because it just isn't possible to guarantee the perfect wedding. Yet  by pushing to become better you gain the confidence to challenge yourself; bit by bit you grow and take on bigger projects, knowing that you can deliver on that promise and you're not just 'Hustling', You're not 'faking it till you make it'

It really is a great feeling seeing your project/concept coming to life and all falling into place with no hiccoughs but also knowing full well that a year ago there was no way you were capable of producing such work.

Which brings me nicely to this Saturday; A farm in the heart of the Teutoburg region, where 2 years previously I was asked by a Bride and Groom to play music for their wedding reception. This time is was the Groom's sister getting married and I simply asked what their budget was and asked for their trust in me to transform one of their barns into a beautifully lit location.
As usual I had my camera with me but instead of taking pictures I decided to shoot a little bit of video.

It is with the deepest of gratitude to Ester & Jonte that I may share this wonderful evening with you. I feel blessed that they gave me a free rein to invest a little more time for my team and I to create something quite special for them and their guests.  I know absolutely that a year ago I didn't have the experience or confidence to do this and it's only by giving a little more than what is expected at each event I do, that step by step you eventually grow to be able to do bigger and better things.